Ukrainian Grit & Hope: A Traveling Photo Exhibition at Purdue

A year into the Russian war against Ukraine, one of the most talented Ukrainian war photographers, Vitalii Nosach, chose to share some of his most memorable photographs with the Purdue community.

His exhibition will be launched with a presentation and reception on Thursday, February 23 at 4:30 PM in the Purdue Memorial Union West Main Lounge (Across from the Amazon delivery hub).

As a man of military age, Vitalii cannot leave Ukraine due to the martial law introduced after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He will join us during the reception with a recorded video. Here is a preview of what he will say:

Covering this war, I saw how much grief one country can bring to another. The grief is of such a scale that it is difficult to comprehend. Tens of thousands of lives lost and millions destroyed. Many other millions of separated families, thousands of blown-up homes, and entire cities ruined. I saw crimes against humanity that will be left unpunished.

I would like the audience to understand that there are people and countries against which it is necessary to fight. This is a struggle against pure evil.” 

This traveling exhibition is sponsored by the Purdue University College of Liberal Arts. The photographs were chosen by a team of Purdue faculty, visiting scholars, and staff: Sorin Adam Matei, Tetiana Gordiienko, Erika Kvam, Melinda Zook, Zane Reif, and Eli Craven. Tetiana is Vitalii’s spouse and a College of Liberal Arts visiting scholar. The posters will be displayed at various locations on the Purdue Campus. For details, please get in touch with Dr. Matei at

Exhibition Preview