Programmatic Grant Opportunities for CLA Scholars

There are grant programs, and then there are grant programs… Some are highly contextual, meant to live only for a season of funding, while others have a long shelf life, aiming at programmatic, continuing impact. The CLA Office of Research would like to draw your attention to these latter, important opportunities, which reflect some broader and continuing funding interests in social sciences and humanities.

Private Foundations

Mellon Foundation Higher Learning – embracing of equity in higher learning with a focus on core humanities fields

ACLS Digital Extension Grants focused on Digital Humanities and expansion to users who wouldn’t normally have access to collections if not digital. Due annually in December for $150,000

Spencer Foundation small research grants focused on closing the education gap, Deadline: June 1 for $50,000

Henry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Research Grants on the basis of violence for $40,000.  Deadline: August 1

National Geographic Exploration Grants for $30,000 (rolling deadline)

Humanities Without Walls for $150,000, Deadline: November 15 2021-HWW3-RFP.pdf (

Andrew Mellon Foundation Higher Learning or the arts.  Rolling deadline

Carnegie Corporation of New York (Democracy / Education)  Rolling deadline


NEH Digital Projects for the Public for $400,000, Deadline: May 5

NSF Archaeology and Archaeometry, Deadline: July 1

NSF Linguistics, Deadline: July 15

NSF, Science, Technology and Society, $400,000 Deadline: August 3

The list was compiled by Martha Weise, our grant and funding expert, who is ready to assist you in your funding quest.