FORCES Report on Competition and Conflict in current and future American Foreign Policy

The FORCES white paper / report A Twenty-First-Century Strategy to Counter Russia, China, and Iran published by the National Interest proposes a new approach to American foreign policy, which provides the flexibility needed to handle two major international conflicts at the same time. We propose “cascading realism,” The United States should consider a strategy of selective and deeply collaborative realism. The new realism should rely on three principles: a convergence of purpose; flexibility of action and shared and cascading responsibility. The second principle is the most important. It requires disconnecting the understanding of U.S. national interests from maintaining a maximal understanding of the global order. Maintaining global order should be the product of the U.S. interests coupled with that of its allies and collaborators. The guaranteed global order should satisfy the cumulative values and needs of the United States and its allies, starting from the ground up, not from top (the United States) to bottom (U.S. allies), which is the current situation.

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