Humanities Without Walls Competition Seed Grants

Purdue is a founding member of the Humanities Without Walls Consortium, whose mission is to support humanistic and interdisciplinary research at the member universities. The initiative is supported by the Mellon Foundation, which will fund a Grand Challenge Competition with a deadline of November 2021. In anticipation of that deadline, Purdue will organize an internal competition that will support financially a selected number of highly competitive teams to submit grant proposals to the Grand Research Challenge Competition.

The terms of the Purdue competition are as follows:

The College of Liberal arts invites small teams or individual applications for a seed grant that would prepare the ground for a major grant proposal to the Humanities Without Walls Grand Challenges Competition. The projects need to address two issues. On the one hand, there should be an issue of social and humanistic significance by its body of knowledge or impact. On the other, the work methodology should focus on reciprocity and redistribution, including dissemination of results and impact on target audiences. We expect broad and daring interdisciplinary projects. Addressing issues of social equity is encouraged.

This white paper discusses the context of the competition.

A proposal not longer than five pages should be submitted to the CLA Office of Research via InfoReady by April 23, 2021. Finalists will be announced by May 24, 2021. The proposal should include the following information:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Motivation
  • Challenges that will be addressed
  • Gap between present state of the world and the solution proposed
  • Description of the activities to be funded by the seed grant and narrative budget (example)
  • Specific methods that will address reciprocity and redistribution
  • Most tangible product that will result from the final project, if funded through the Grand Research Challenge
  • Team list including Name, Rank, Affiliation, 200 words bio, three most relevant publications, link to website or online scholarly profile

3-5 projects will be funded with awards up to $4,000.

For questions, please email Mention “HWW – Seed Grant” in the subject line.